The Snow Day that went Terribly Wrong

When three young kids find the view outside their window full of white snow, they can't believe their luck! No school!

Unfortunately, something else has a taste for snow as well...

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Meet the Family

Photo of Jill

Jill is the oldest child and usually has to take care of Derrick and Celeste.

She's really good at sports and usually winds up covered in bumps, bruises, and scratches.

Even though she sometimes finds her siblings annoying, she loves them all the same and tries not to be too bossy with them when the parents aren't around.

Photo of Derrick
anything that starts with a vowel

Derrick is the middle child in the family and spends a lot of time playing with his toys, reading the toy catalog, checking toy websites, and figuring out how to save enough money to get that really amazing dinosaur robot toy at the store.

His dream is to one day convert an entire room into a big connected train set with mountains and forests and spaceships. Then have a dinosaur attack it!

Derrick looks up to his big sister Jill and often wants to play sports with her, but they usually don't have enough people to play a proper game, so they have to make up the rules.

Photo of Celeste
green beans

Celeste is the baby in the family but that's okay with her. She knows she's mostly grown up now and can take care of herself!

She likes collecting cute animal stuffies and making up adventures about them. Her stuffies have had so many crazy adventures, Derrick and Jill wouldn't believe it.

Celeste is the most imaginative and artistic of the three, with walls covered in drawings about all the things her toys have done when nobody else was looking. Sometimes she draws Derrick and Jill too, usually they're in trouble. Derrick catches on fire a lot in the drawings. The water dragon stuffie always saves him though!

Reasons NOT to buy this book

Perturbed looking mushroom
  1. Your great great grandmother swore that your family would never read the written word again on penalty of only being able to knit with clashing colours
  2. You're allergic to books
  3. You suffer from bibliophobia
  4. It's a full moon AND a full sun at the same time
  5. Your favourite show just got cancelled and you need ice cream
  6. You got a really bad paper cut a while ago and vowed never to risk such agony again
  7. Your sweater has come a bit unravelled
  8. There's a cat staring at you really, really intently and you're getting a bit creeped out
  9. You can only pay for it with money you've drawn yourself
  10. You're a potato


Will this book scare my young child?
Please consult the following chart to see whether or not your child will be affected:
Night light wattage Will your child be scared?
100W Yes! Projected nightmare intensity: 10
60W Yes. Will require you to put locks on your child's closet doors and traps under the bed.
40W Slightly. Will cause mild paranoia towards peanut butter sandwiches.
25W Minor. May exhibit higher levels of caution around certain types of sassy mushrooms found in the yard.
7W No. Your child is confident and self-assured and no amount of boogly eyes is going to unsettle them.
No night light Definitely not. Child may try to determine if events in the book could be real or not.
Glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling Hard to tell. Consult a physician.
Candles No, but I'm afraid for you! Your house is going to burn down! Put out those candles!
Is the book waterproof?
Not as such, no. Why are you even asking this?
Is this book about special needs children?
Spoilers! Go read it yourself to find out!
My book opens on the left and everything is upside-down. Help!
Either the book or you are upside-down. Rotate the book 180° and you'll be fine.
How long does it take to read?
7.3 minutes.
How long does it take to read in a British accent?
8.2 minutes.
How long does it take to read in a British accent with funny voices for each of the characters?
15.9 minutes.
Where's Waldo?
This isn't that kind of book.
It doesn't snow where I live. How can I better relate these children's experiences to my life?
Buy 200kg of flour and spread it around on the floor of your living room. Then try to have a "snowball" fight with the flour. We do not recommend adding water to make the flour more sticky, unless you want to make the world's biggest cake.
My name is Amanda.
That's great! Not exactly a question though...
Where are the parents in this story?
Although not mentioned in the book, one of the parents is shovelling the driveway and the other is trying to land a plane before it runs out of fuel to save the last surviving heir to the throne of the long lost nation of Misteria.

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