Run, Monster, Run
Worlds Within: Book 3

Yikes! There's monsters running around everywhere. What are we going to do?! Book 3 in the Worlds Within series and all your favourite characters are back to continue their adventures in a very weird world.

"Run, Monster, Run" continues the adventures of Jill, Derrick, and Celeste as they explore their new abilities in a weird, freaky world. Octopus included. Find out what happens after "A Knock from Under the Bed" in this latest chapter!

Top 10 reasons to skip the first two books

Unreasonably happy mushroom reading 'Run, Monster, Run'
  1. Reading things "in order" is giving in to the tyrannical authority of numbers
  2. You're afraid to spoil the beginning
  3. 3 is your favourite number
  4. Somebody gave it to you as a gift and you don't know where to find the other ones
  5. Paper cuts
  6. You hate origin stories
  7. 7 is your favourite number, but there's only 3 books so this is the closest you can get to your one true love
  8. You only needed one book to stop your table from wobbling
  9. The other books don't have enough monsters
  10. You're a potato and the book stores don't have underground shipping (airmail is for the birds)


What age range is this book for?
If you like bright colours, this book is great! That covers 6 year olds. But if you're more into the plot, up to about 12 is the "this book is aimed at me" age. Then there's the "I love this universe!" people and that covers all the rest of the ages. Which one are you?
It looks interesting, but do I need to buy the other books for this to make sense?
There's a little bit that you might be missing out on, but there's a handy prologue at the beginning to explain things without giving too much away. It definitely can stand on its own.
What if I can't read yet?
Then I could presumably write any answer here and it would seem to be really useful and detailed but in actuality it's just a pudding recipe. But how would you know, you can't read yet!
  • 35g egg yolks
  • 35g cornstarch
  • 86g sugar
  • 460g whole milk
  • 185g light cream (30% milk fat)
  • 5.75g salt
  • 5.75g butterscotch extract
Bake for 3-4 weeks at 60°C with an incandescent light bulb then let sit for 5 minutes before serving.
How many pages is the book?
About 42 pages of story, plus some weird copyright pages and "bonus" content. The copyright pages are really interesting. It tells you when and where the book was printed! Oooooh!
Are there any pictures?
Every page of the main story is illustrated with a full spread drawing with the story hiding out between the action. It's rather tricky to avoid hitting somebody's head with some text!
How big is the book?
About one watermelon diameter from corner to corner.
Can you sign my copy?
If you can find me at a book signing, yes!
Does Nip come back in this book?
Maaaaaybe. I mean... he's on the back cover, so... it's... it's a secret. You'll have to get the book to find out.
I like Trevor!
He'll be really pleased to hear that. He says hi.
I like peanut butter!
Oh great, now I have to put an allergy warning on this webpage because it may contain the word "peanut". Arrrrrg!
Are there going to be more books in the series?
Oh yes, definitely.
Will you be writing stories in this universe for older kids?
That would be awesome. We'll have to wait and see!

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