Down the Dark Well
Worlds Within: Book 4

Rejoin the Adventure

... with Jill, Derrick, and Celeste as they seize a dinosaur's spaceship and launch it across the countryside in search of home. But what lies ahead for them might not be their warm beds, for something twists and turns in the dark, waiting to be awakened...

Dire Straits Await

What's going to happen next? Will the kids make it home? Will Trevor finally get some of Gerald's gum? Will Peater finish a sentence before Clair interru-- NEVER!

Incredible Powers

At a young age, each child was "given" a different power. Jill can understand any language. Derrick can hear the smallest sound. Celeste can best any gymnast.

With their new abilities and unusual friends from another world, nothing can stand in their way! Except for things with legs, they can stand in their way pretty easily.

Squishy unassuming multicoloured blob which is totally not watching you

An Interview with Gerald

Gerald contemplating his answers carefully

Hi, Gerald. You're an octopus, not a squid, right?

Gerald: Excuse me, do I look like a squid? No, I'm an octopus and proud of it!

Sorry about that. How have you found travelling with those three kids?

Gerald: They're really nice! Celeste is probably the nicest. Derrick is quiet, but that's probably because he's listening to things. He does that a lot recently. Jill is sort of our leader, but that might just be because she's the oldest. And tallest. You kinda always trust tall people.

What about the agents? They're pretty tall.

Gerald: Oh, you mean like Agent Rex? They're pretty cool when they're far away or on TV, but it's a bit scary when they're right there in front of you. I like Jill more. She seems less likely to squish me.

Where are you heading next?

Gerald: I'm not really sure! The human kids said they need to get home, because it's been almost a whole day since they left and their parents might start to notice them.

Peater and Clair are going to miss school if they don't get back as well. Trevor and I too, but we're less concerned about that. We have a test tomorrow and I haven't even started to study for it.

How did you meet your dragon friend, Nip?

Gerald: We've been friends for as long as I can remember. Trevor introduced us, actually. He was really interested in the dragons and was always giving them candy, because that's what they're all about. Nip was the first dragon to actually talk to us, rather than just grab the candy and run.

You've got quite a varied group of friends!

Gerald: Ha ha! Yeah. They're pretty great. Nip doesn't let me ride him though. That's a bummer. Trevor does, but that's not as fun.

Where do you see yourself in the next five hours?

Gerald: Well, we just "borrowed" a spaceship, so I guess maybe five or ten minutes here, then we'll go to Celeste's house and see what's going on there. Jill's flying the ship, so I'm not worried.

How does a young girl know how to fly a spaceship?

Gerald: Not sure actually. She can read and understand literally any language. All the kids have some kind of power. Derrick can hear all the gossip. Celeste can balance on one foot. It's really impressive. I've got eight feet and can't balance on even five without falling into a lamp.

Well, thank you for your time, Gerald. I'll let you get back to your adventure, and I do hope you do well on that test tomorrow.

Gerald: Thanks! And that's assuming I get to school in time for it. One never knows! I'm feeling a bit of a cough starting.

Don't let me keep you then. Safe travels!

Jill: Who are you talking to, Gerald? What's that? Are you pushing random buttons again?

Gerald: Uh, it's nobody! <click>

Connection terminated

Strange little tree with ominously happy glowing orbs. Possibly poisonous when injested, definitely poisonous when mixed with poison.

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