A Knock from Under the Bed

A sudden noise startles three unsuspecting children in the middle of the night and it's coming from under the bed. What's waiting for them under there is something none of them would want to sleep through.

Time to wake up...

A photo of the book sitting in the dark

Meet the Family

Photo of Jill

Jill is the oldest child and usually has to take care of Derrick and Celeste.

She's really good at sports and usually winds up covered in bumps, bruises, and scratches.

Even though she sometimes finds her siblings annoying, she loves them all the same and tries not to be too bossy with them when the parents aren't around.

Recently at school she's been getting straight A's in French class, which is odd because the best she got was a B last term.

Photo of Derrick
anything that starts with a vowel

Derrick is the middle child in the family and spends a lot of time playing with his toys, reading the toy catalog, checking toy websites, and figuring out how to save enough money to get that really amazing dinosaur robot toy at the store.

His dream is to one day convert an entire room into a big connected train set with mountains and forests and spaceships. Then have a dinosaur attack it!

Derrick looks up to his big sister Jill and often wants to play sports with her, but they usually don't have enough people to play a proper game, so they have to make up the rules.

Annoyingly, Derrick's started eavesdropping on everything Celeste says to her toys, even when he's down in the kitchen while she's in her room. The sound must carry through the vents or something.

Photo of Celeste
green beans

Celeste is the baby in the family but that's okay with her. She knows she's mostly grown up now and can take care of herself!

She likes collecting cute animal stuffies and making up adventures about them. Her stuffies have had so many crazy adventures, Derrick and Jill wouldn't believe it.

Celeste is the most imaginative and artistic of the three, with walls covered in drawings about all the things her toys have done when nobody else was looking. Sometimes she draws Derrick and Jill too, usually they're in trouble. Derrick catches on fire a lot in the drawings. The water dragon stuffie always saves him though!

She's become quite popular at school by winning all the volleyball games during gym. Her classmates see her as a sports hero, transformed from the shy girl in class from the beginning of the school year.

Reasons why this book is too scary for you

Perturbed looking mushroom
  1. The cover is very dark
  2. The unknown
  3. Book has very sharp corners
  4. Contains characters making sudden loud noises
  5. More pages to read than the first book
  6. Risk of paper cuts
  7. Flammable and inflammable
  8. Still exists even if you turn out the lights


Will this book make sense if I didn't read "The Snow Day that Went Terribly Wrong"?
Sure! There's a prologue included to help you make sense of what's going on as well, just in case.
What's actually under the bed?
The floor.
What if I sleep on a mattress or there's no space under my bed, can I still relate to the story?
Surprisingly, the book does cover other topics than just sub-bed investigatory activities. So if you don't relate to the bed, at least you'll relate to the other things. Or you'll have more things you don't relate to. Either way, you have options.
I tried reading this book in the dark but couldn't see the text. Help!
Turn on a light that shines on the book. This has helped fix this problem for other readers.
How much longer does this book take to read compared to the first one?
About 30-50 minutes, assuming you read at a rate of 1 word per minute.
Why isn't [redacted] in the book?!
Are you sure [redacted] isn't in the book?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Well, [redacted] might be sleeping. Check back in the third book!
I spilled something on my book.
Oopsie daisy! We recommend a towel if you ordered the hardcover and a new ereader if it's the ebook version.
How much time has passed since the first book?
Only a couple months! It's still snowy outside.
Can I have fries with that?
That would make the pages oily, so no.
What is "Worlds Within"?
That's the name of the series of books "A Knock from Under the Bed" and "The Snow Day that went Terribly Wrong" belong to. Be on the lookout for more books in this series in future!
When does the next book come out?
Sometime after I finish my milkshake.

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