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Never Dot's first Indigo book signing event

Andy Statia

On August 18, 2018, I made an appearance at the Indigo book store in Barrhaven, Ontario. From 11am to 3pm, he setup shop at the entrance to the children's section, greeting parents and children to introduce them to his book series, Worlds Within. Two book readings were also held over the course of the day.

The Worlds Within book series is a children's picture book series targetted at ages 6-12. The books are written to be approachable independently, but when read together form a progressing plot that children can follow as they get older. The next book is due to come out in 2019.

Never Dot's newest super fan

Andy encountered one particularly interested young boy, Cameron, who demonstrated the need to get out from behind the keyboard and into the real world.

When I started Never Dot, I always hoped that some day people would be discussing the world I was building, coming up with theories about what was going on, wanting to know more about some character, or asking about what would be happening next. I felt that if I achieved that, I will have succeeded at what I was trying to accomplish.

While in the Indigo store, I had the chance to talk to some real parents and get real reactions from kids in the book readings. I saw the impact of my work on them first-hand and that was amazing.

There was one young boy who came up with his family, Cameron. He took a bit of time to go back and forth from my corner, but eventually secured all three books in my series. After that, he kept coming back with questions about the characters. This was what I as a creator have wanted more than anything: someone to enjoy the things I create as much or more than I enjoy creating them. Thank you, Cameron!


The books on sale were (in series order):

All three of Never Dot's books are currently available through the Indigo online site now.