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Never Dot's first book!

Andy Statia
A photo of the book sitting in the grass

We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of its first children's book: The Snow Day that went Terribly Wrong! Available in hardback and ebook, this is our first foray into the publishing business and marks an exciting step into exploring the world and creatures of Never Dot.

This book targets readers aged 7-11 and features full spread illustrations and a comprehensive "dictionary" at the end for younger readers needing some help with the vocabulary used in the book. We don't recommend using these definitions on English tests, though.

Never Dot's citizens digging in to the first book

The book lightly touches on themes of physical disability among children, which has touched the life of author and illustrator Andy Statia quite strongly. The book is dedicated to his son, who has a genetic mutation which resulted in numerous physical disabilities. The characters in the story learn to deal with their limitations and get through the obstacles they encounter in a mutually supportive way.

We hope you enjoy this first book to be released. Find additional information about it on The Snow Day that went Terribly Wrong feature page.

The Snow Day that went Terribly Wrong can be purchased in hardback or ebook format online at most book retailers soon.