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Never Dot visits CHEO Dart Fundraiser

Andy Statia
A collage of the CHEO fundraiser

On June 25, Never Dot was proud to donate some Never Dot swag for a darts tournament run by Angela McGuire, Rita Hebert, and others to raise money for CHEO. The tournament was held in Ottawa with a dart hall packed with people eager to play darts and help raise money for the children's hospital in the process. This is the second year the dart tournament fundraiser has been held.

Angela's son, Jakob, suffers from MFDM, the same condition which afflicts Andy Statia's son, Quinlan. Angela stated that this fundraiser was a way for her to give something back to the hospital that had helped her family so much.

CHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario) is critical for the survival of children like Jakob and Quinlan. The parents of such children are deeply thankful for their tireless efforts to put their children on a path towards a successful and self-sufficient life.