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Never Spots coming to stores soon!

Andy Statia
A photo of the first set of Never Spots pins

Never Dot is proud to announce Never Spots, a line of cute collector's buttons. Never Spots will be available in pin (3.1cm) and magnet (2.5cm) style buttons, each one featuring one of six Never Dot characters!

Each release of Never Spots will feature six different characters. Series 1 includes:

  • Aaron the skateboarding Tomato
  • Jenny the perturbed Bok Choy
  • Peatrice, Peater, and Peanna Pea rocking out
  • Casper the hungry Octopus
  • Jake the gaming Whale
  • Agent Rex, the latte sipping, time travelling T-Rex

Locations selling Never Spots will be announced soon! Until then, reach for the sky and catch a butterfly!