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Never Comic launched

Andy Statia
A section of the Never Comic strip

The Never Dot comic starts this month with a visit to the quaint turtle family. The Never Comic will begin to give us a look into the lives of the various Never Dot citizens. It may also let me tell you something hilarious that happened to me while protecting the innocent.

The comic will be released weekly somewhere between Monday and Friday, unless I ordered a pizza, then I might need to add an eighth day to the week.

Who's going to be in the comic? Is it only about turtles? What are their names? What are their hobbies? Can I friend them on Facebook? The answers to these questions are:

  • Everybody plus a few
  • No
  • Check the Citizen bios!
  • Mostly tennis
  • No, they're on NeverChat. It's like SnapChat, but it deletes your message before you view it instead of after