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What is Never Dot?

Andy Statia
A group of peas celebrating, with tea

Never Dot launched in February of 2016 with the creation of a Zazzle online shop. There aren't any comics, books, videos, or anything else yet. Just a group of doodles that thought they could make a life for themselves in merchandise.

The initial set of characters populating the Never Dot shop originate from Andy Statia's Instagram account, where he had been doodling about a group of vegetables plus one octopus for the past year. Why vegetables? Possibly a combination of fatigue from drawing fuzzy animals combined with friends trying to teach him to eat healthy.

A company was needed in order to turn idle doodle work into actual products people could buy. This is where Never Dot came in. It was to be idea around which all of these fantasies could be wrapped.

What's next for Never Dot? Stories! The Never Dot website is going to get supercharged with content (or maybe just normally charged, we haven't decided yet), which could include comics, character bios, or whatever is interesting.

Keep an eye on the Never Dot site and this blog for news and updates as we begin this journey.