News & Rumours

Celebrate Christmas with Never Dot ornaments

It's time for printable Never Dot Christmas ornaments! Hurray!

Happy Halloween from Never Dot

Spookawaii wallpaper for Halloween!

Merry Christmas from Never Dot

Never Dot looks back on 2018.

Never Dot's first Indigo book signing event

Never Dot goes out to a local Indigo for his first signing event and meets some new fans.

Never Dot going to Ottawa Comic Con

Come and see Never Dot in person at Ottawa Comic Con!

Never Dot gets on YouTube

It's Never Dot's first appearance on YouTube. Does he sink or swim?

Never Dot's first book!

Never Dot published its first book: The Snow Day that went Terribly Wrong!

New Creature Cards

New visitors to the Never Dot site get a home.

Never Dot visits CHEO Dart Fundraiser

Raising money for CHEO with friends of the family.

Never Spots coming to stores soon!

Never Dot is proud to announce Never Spots, a line of cute collector's buttons.

Never Comic launched

Never Dot starts to show some personality with a new comic and fancy buttons.

Meet the citizens of Never Dot

The citizens of Never Dot have gotten their own bios! Head over to the Citizens page to learn more about them.

What is Never Dot?

Never Dot launched in February of 2016 with the creation of a Zazzle online shop. There aren't any comics, books, videos, or anything else yet. Just a group of doodles that thought they could make a life for themselves in merchandise.