By the creator

Never Dot was founded by me, Andy Statia, in 2016 to provide an outlet for the wild imaginings of my mind.

Beet's World

Never Dot's predecessor was known as "Beet's World", based off the original character of "Beet", a blue legless character that was doodled into existence during some quiet high school day.

Early drawing of the Beet character In fact, the very first drawing of Beet was made on the classroom chalkboard with little thought as to how it should look. As I didn't much like drawing standard "human" bodies for characters, I finished Beet with just a round body and no legs. Once back at my desk, I found I liked the character and quickly copied it down before someone erased it. Beet later acquired some friends, such as Cyrn the bird/turtle thing, and Key, the little guy with a magic cane and a bowl on his back. Or it might have been a shell. Probably a shell.

Sightings in Andonia

That site showcased my digital artwork over the years, later expanding into a pseudo-daily art post on the "Sightings in Andonia" page and other related story type articles. One of the goals of the story driven writings was to build the world rather than write for an audience. Particularly for the Andonia site, this meant the actual story was nearly impossible for readers to make sense of, as they were written for someone with full knowledge of the back-story. Being written without a target audience in mind, Andonia at times bears content that is very much non-child friendly.

Example drawing from the Sightings in Andonia website
Beet and Cyrn re-imagined in the Andonia universe.

The art style of Andonia was inspired by my childhood and adulthood friend, Robert McGregor, who is a master of line art, particularly creepy line art, using actual ink pens. The avoidance of colour allowed for quicker creations which helped to stave off the usual desire to quit due to the level of effort needed. As a result, Andonia continued for 44 weeks' worth of drawings, although a greyscale "colouring" style eventually took over.

Never Dot

The new focus is to shift from mindless doodling to directed building of a brand and set of adorable, amazing characters that people can fall in love with. The world of on-demand product creation allows Never Dot to make available its characters in a way never before possible. Creating stories, toys, and everything amazing that I myself would want to collect and treasure is Never Dot's purpose. But more, it is to create something that people are excited about and want to know more of. The mystery of the stories I watched when growing up is what drove me to follow them and it is this that I hope to create in my work.

Keep on dreaming, Andy Statia 陈安德